10 electric cars unveiled by Chinese car companies at Auto Shanghai 2019

China, the world's largest car market, is heavily pushing for zero-emissions vehicles to combat its pollution issues, so this year's Auto Shanghai is packed with electric cars. Dezeen deputy editor Tom Ravenscroft picks out 10 of the best made by Chinese companies.

China, the world’s largest car market, is heavily pushing for zero-emissions vehicles to combat its pollution issues, so this year’s Auto Shanghai is packed with electric cars. Dezeen deputy editor Tom Ravenscroft picks out 10 of the best made by Chinese companies.

Geometry A by Geely

An all-electric sedan, Geometry A is the first car to be released under Geely‘s new pure electric brand, Geometry.

The car, which is now on sale in China, is available in two versions: one with a range of 250 miles and another with a range of 310 miles.

ET Preview by NIO

This sedan is a preview of a new line of cars being created by NIO – a Shanghai car manufacturer formed in 2014, best known for it Formula E Team.

“The ET Preview represents NIO’s exploration of an all new car body, whose sleek new contours combine elegant proportions with power and beauty through a minimalistic design,” said the company.

ME-S by Enovate 

The ME-S is a concept designed by another recent entrant to the automotive industry, Enovate. Described by the brand as a “high-energy luxury sports sedan” the car is complete with a “sky-wide all-transparent glass roof”.

Set to go into production in 2021, it will be the second car released by Enovate, which was founded in Shanghai in 2015. It follows an all-electric SUV that is already available for sale in China.

MUSE by Iconiq Motors and W Motors

The is the latest version of MUSE, a fully autonomous vehicle designed by Shanghai-based Iconiq Motors in collaboration with Dubai-based W Motors.

The car has three metre-wide gull-wing doors, along with two front seats that can revolve so the car can be reconfigured into a mobile meeting room.

A fleet of MUSE cars is being manufactured to be used during the Dubai Expo 2020, with production vehicles set to be available to purchase in 2023.

Vision I concept by SAIC

One of China’s state owned car makers, SAIC Motor builds Volkswagens for the Chinese market and owns the rights to MG. Its Vision I concept is a level four autonomous vehicle, meaning it will be self driven in all situations.

The design was created by SAIC Motor to be a “vision of what cars will look like in the future”, said a spokesman.

It sits under the company’s Roewe brand, which was created when SAIC brought the technology for several Rover models, but not the brand name, when the British car maker went bust.

Concept 1 by Qiantu Motor

The Concept 1 is the latest vehicle from recently created all-electric brand Qiantu, which released its first car, the K50 sports car, in 2017.

The concept car, which is “slated for production”, is designed for Chinese business people who employ a chauffeur. It is designed around a spacious rear seat, and a large front seat for when the owner wants to drive themself.

The car has no physical dials for the driver, instead all information is projected on a heads up display (HUD) on the windscreen.

Qoros Mile II Concept by Qoros 

The Qoros Mile II was shown for the first time at Shanghai Auto. The concept car is the latest offering from the company that has been making production cars since 2013.

The pure electric sedan car was one of many vehicles on show that had coach, or suicide, doors.

U7 ion by Aiways

Aiways, an electric drive and artificial intelligence company that was established in 2017, is launching its U7 ion concept car in Shanghai.

According to the company, the vehicle is designed to show the brand’s “FRM concept, which stands for family, roomy, mobility, aiming to bring people together”. The car, complete with suicide doors, has 12 touchscreens and an intelligent self-learning robot that can move around the ceiling of the car to give the virtual assistant a physical presence.

Aiways also showed 

Pininfarina GT by Karma Automotive

One of three new vehicles from Karma Automotive at Shanghai Auto, the Pininfarina GT was created in partnership with Italian design brand Pininfarina, which created the car’s body.

The two-door coupe was revealed alongside the scissor-doored electric concept hypercar called the SC1 Vission Concept and its 2020 Revero GT. Founded in 2015, when Chinese car-part supplier the Wanxiang Group purchased Fisker Automotive, Karma Automotive is based in California, USA.

C-More by Leapmotor

The C-More is a SUV created by Leapmotor that has level three autonomous capabilities – meaning it can drive itself in designated zones, but has a wheel for the driver to take control when needed.

The car’s rear doors, which are hinged at the back of the car, give assess to a “smart star cabin” that has three large screens.

Another of China’s new car companies Leapmotor was formed in 2015 and is based in Hangzhou. Production of the C-More is planned to start next year.

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